JAVA-7 Relaeased

Good news for JAVA developers. Today Oracle has released next version of JAVA i.e. JAVA 7. This version has been released with the intention of developing java applications that make extensive use of multi-core CPU and to improve the productivity. With the advent of new programming languages on JVM platform so it is important for the JVM to reflect the needs of java developers.

We will see the  new features provided by JAVA 7 (JDK 7). Java 7 is code named as Dolphin.

1. It includes the support for dynamic languages.

2. It includes library level support for Stream Control Transmission Protocol(SCTP) and Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) and many other new network protocols.

3.  An XRender pipeline for JAVA 2D , which includes support for handling of features specific to modern GPUs.

4. It includes updates to XML and Unicode.

5. New platform APIs to support advanced graphics rendering

6. Compressed 64-bit pointers

7. New file I/O library to enhance platform independence and support for symbolic links

Some of the features remained unreleased in this version , are planned to be released in the JAVA version 8 in the year 2012.  So download JDK 7 and start developing new stuff.


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