Google Plus – Art of Social Networking

Google is known for innovation. Google folks always come up with new ideas to make our networked life much interesting and sophisticated. This time is a big one. Ya they have a set war with Social Networking Giant FACEBOOK. This time Google is working on a new project called GOOGLE PLUS.

Google Plus is new style of socializing our online presence. There are 4 interesting features of Google Plus. There are as explained below:

1. Google Circles: Since in facebook and other networking sites, whatever you share with your friends, your updates will be shown to each of your friend, may be it is your best friend, classmate, girl friend, co-worker or anybody else. But there are some things which you want to share with only few of your friends. Google Circles allows you to divide all your friends into groups or segments called CIRCLES. For example , in your Facebook profile you will have some friends and in your Linked In you may have some connections. You can share your social updates with your Linked In friends and in the same way you can share your work updates with your Facebook friends.

Google Circle allows you to divide your friends into Circles named Workers, Close Friends, Family Members etc. And allows you to share some updates will particular Circle. Is it not Good!

2. Google Huddles: Google is a service that enables you to have group chat and texting. For example if four of you friends want to decide whether you want to go to  movie or not, in normal text messaging or chatting to each of the four friends. You can use Google Huddles to group chat with all four at a time. This is a least interested feature. Google just want to upset their rivals like Microsoft as they have bought Skype.

3. Google Hangouts: This is yet another good feature that helps in Group Video chatting. Here if you find some of your friends video chatting, you can join. You can at a time do conference with your friends.

4. Google Sparks: Since Google is the amazing in searching. Google Sparks provides you a typical Google Search within your Google Plus. Yes! This Sparks helps you to search anything in Google Plus. Since Facebook is providing search feature, it is likely that Google will do something to keep its search business at the top.

Since the Google Plus project is under development. It is likely to be released within few days. Till then you can get its updates by registering your name at Google Plus homepage.


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