SHAZAM – Whats this?

As I already mentioned in previous post that iPhone and Android apps are revolutionizing the way we live and we do things. SHAZAM is another addition to this.

SHAZAM - in action

Assume you are moving somewhere and you come to listen a song,  and you liked the song. Then you wish to listen it again and again. And you have to buy it for listening. But for buying it you need to know its name and other details… How do you get the details?Here comes SHAZAM to help.   Yes !!!!!!  SHAZAM is an application on smart phones  that allows you get the details.  SHAZAM was initially designed for Apple iPhones. But very rapidly its user base grew. So now it has been ported on Android and Nokia phones.

How to use SHAZAM?

To use SHAZAM you need to first install it in your phone. Then whenever you come to listen any music, you just need to start the app and hold your phone to record it. After listening it sends the query to the server and the server searches its database. Then it returns with the name of song , name of the album and other details. So you get the required details and then you can buy it from Napster or iTunes. So enjoy your non-stop music.


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