Angry Birds – on Chrome

Now a days apps on android mobile phones and iPhones are making revolution in the IT industry. If you are using these mentioned high end phones which are so called SMARTPHONES, you must be aware of the game called ANGRY BIRDS. I hope you have played it and enjoyed it. Its a very nice game. It is so simple that even a layman can play this. People don’t require computer knowledge to play this. You just have to know how to use a mouse.

First they have released it for Android platform. It suddenly gained wide popularity and they ported it on iPhone. It is created by Rovio Mobile Inc. Actually many people have not used these smart phones or they don’t own them. For those there is good news. The Rovio Mobiles have ported this game to chrome platform.. yes they have made it available on Google Chrome browser. You can get it from Chrome Webstore. In Google I/O 2011 Rovio Mobiles co-founder Kim Dikert announced that they will port Angry Birds to chrome platform.

So you can get it from from chrome webstore and install it. And you can start playing it from your chrome browser. But one thing that you need to have is internet connection. While playing you must be connected to the internet. You know Angry Birds is now available on Nokia phones also i.e. Symbian platform.  So keep playing Angry Birds…………………. Bye


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