Sometimes you may accidently delete the boot loader of windows while installing linux ,You may get errors like Boot loader missing insert disk to boot(or something like that).

Here is a way how you can fix this problem without having to reinstall the OS again.

Note : If u have more than one hard disk then you may want to connect only the hard disk which has windows OS on it.

1)Put the windows DVD/CD in drive and boot with DVD/CD and let the loading take place(It may take around 5 mins)



Loading files for Installation


Select The Options


2)After Some time you will get a window as shown above, just click on next

Notice the highlighted Option


3)Now click on Repair your computer


Wait till search finishes

Showing the partition on which windows is installed

 4) Click on next.

Check other options...

5)Now click on Command Promt.

Command Prompt

6)The command prompt will show up, Here just type          bootrec  /fixmbr .

(There is a space between bootrec and /fixmbr)

And you are as good as new!!!!!!!!!


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