City Video Guide : Share the videos

Dear friends, we have lot of video sharing sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Veoh etc. We daily browse, upload and download thousands of videos. Now one more new project is founded by City Media Foundation which aims to develop websites for each city in the world to share the videos related to particular city. Its just like any other video sharing site. They are planning to make a network of around 68000 sites belonging to each city in the world. If are staying at NewYork then you can browse and upload videos related to NewYork in the website with URL where “vi” stands for videos. Each city will have its own website having URL like Uers can register at the website and share their videos related to their city.

One more thing, this project is still in beginning stage, so the organizers are looking for active bloggers who can participate in the project to become the administrators for the site particular to their city. If you want to become the administrator your city video sharing site, you need to offer some amount and the person with highest offer is selected. Once you become the site administrator then the revenue generated from ads and other things will be yours. But this membership is not permanent. It will be for limited period like One year or two yeras etc depending how many years you mention while making offer. Afterwards also you can continue but you need to renew your account. So make hurry and become the administrator of your city’s video sharing site. To mke an offer just visit


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