How to make your blog appear in Search Engines

Hundreds of blogs are created every day. And every blogger wants to have maximum traffic to his blog.  To have maximum traffic, two things are considered very important.  First “Good Website Content” and “Good Promotion”.  Website content depends upon the main domain (subject of matter) in which the blog is based on. Then the blogger should post articles in accordance with users’ interest. The unique content will be most appreciated.

Then comes the promotion aspect. Here people should come to know about your blog. Normally to get more visitors, we need to make our blog appear in serch engines such as GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING etc.  But how to do that? This is the main thing of this post……………………………….

Search engines provide various tools among which WEBMASTER TOOLS are most essential and most used. Here a blogger needs to register his blog at search engine’s webmaster tools. If you register your blog in all search engines then more traffic you will get. I will tell for each search engine how to register your weblog:

I.       Google:

Since Google is the most popular and efficient search engine, people usually search Google for any content. So to get more traffic don’t forget to register your blog at Google.  Open And create your account. Then you can add a listing of your website. But you need to verify that you are the real owner of the site. There are three ways of your weblog  verification.

Google WebMaster Tools

1. By uploading the HTML file to your server  where you have hosted your blog.

For Ex: I have saved (hosted) all my website related files in Then I need to upload the HTML file given by Google to “HTDOCS” folder or  “PUBLIC_HTML” folder of After uploading you need to click on the link provided by Google. Then click on “VERIFY” button. If the file is found then it show “SUCCESSFULLY” verified. Else you might have made mistake somewhere.

Entries of Websites added

2. Add a meta tag to your website’s homepage

In this method , Google will provide you some code (tag) which you need to paste into your website homepage i.e. index.php. After adding this code, just save the chnges and Click on “VERIFY” button in Webmaster Tools.

Verification options

3. Add DNS record to your domain’s configuration.

This option is newly added to Webmaster Tools. Here you will be given a TXT record. It will be an entry in Domain Name System(DNS) that provides information about your domain. After adding it click on “VERIFY” button.

One more option is given i.e. Link to Analytics account which is for advanced users who already have many blogs and using Analytics service.

II. Yahoo!

To register your blog in Yahoo log on to And the options provided by YAHOO are similar to those given by Google. But you should have YAHOO account or you need to create an account. In Yahoo Webmaster Tools is called “SITE EXPLORER”.

Yahoo Site Explorer


Bing is another search engine provided by Microsoft. To register your blog at bing go to And here also you should have either Hotmail account or MSN Live account etc. Otherwise you need to create one. Here it is called “WEBMASTER CENTRAL”.  And you are done!

Bing WebMaster Central

There are lot of other search engines such as “ALTAVISTA” or “ASK.COM”  where you can register your blog. But remember maximum traffic can come only from Google. Because Google is the no.1 search engine and it will most appropriate results.

So after registering when some user searches for topic related to your blog content, then they will be shown with your website and they will visit you blog.

There are lot of tools that Google provides for webmasters to increase their traffic and get revenue. If you interested in such tools comment us or contact us either through our FORUM or mail us. Thank you for reading…..


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