Browse With Text Browsers

Have you ever  tried to surf the web in text browsers?  There are several web browsers such as Internet Explorer , Firefox and Chrome etc. But all those browsers will show graphical web pages. Then how to browse only textual content?

On UNIX/LINUX platform there are various text browsers available. Using your Linux Terminal/Console you can browse the webpages with the help of these text browsers.

I would like to mention two most popular text browsers available on LINUX platform.


Elinks is the most widely used web browser on Linux platform.  To browse the web with Elinks follow below steps:

Step 1: Open the Terminal.

Step 2: type “ELINKS WWW.GOOGLE.COM” in small letters ( because terminal will interpret it differently).

You will get Google’s homepage with only text written. No images will be displayed.  There are several options available to move forward, come back and all other navigations.

If any website contains images and videos etc then only the text will be displayed. Other graphics related things will not be displayed. Just give a try to it.

2. LYNX:

Lynx is another text browser for the same purpose.  The procedure to browse web using LYNX is similar to as shown for ELINKS.  But ELINKS is more convenient.  But LYNX is also not bad.

You can open any website by entering its URL in terminal preceded by either ELINKS or LYNX.

One big advantage of using text browsers is, if you have internet connection with limited data usage then it can save your lot of usage. Because data usage will be more if images and videos are loaded.


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