Information Technology Quiz

1. In which year , the first commercial computer was released?
Ans: 1936

2. What is name of the first Personal Computer(PC)?

Ans: Altair

3. Which computer company is called as “Big Blue”?

Ans: IBM

4. Who invented PERL programming language?

Ans: Larry Wall

5. Expand YAHOO?

Ans: Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

6. Who are the key people in the development of Google Search Engine?

Ans: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

7. When will be the “Computer Day” celebrated?

Ans: 2nd December of every year

8. Who invented HotMail?

Ans: Sabeer Bhatia

9. Which is the programming language invented by Microsoft?

Ans: C# ( pronounced as C-sharp)

10. Expand GTLD.

Ans: Generic Top Level Domain

11. Name the person who established “Free Software Foundation”?

Ans: Richard Stallman

12. Expand ASCII.

Ans: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

13. Who invented JAVA?

Ans: James Gosling

14. Expand AMD.

Ans: Advanced Micro Devices

15. What does XP stands for in Windows XP?

Ans: eXPerience

16. Who wrote Linux Kernel?

Ans: Linus Torvalds

17. Who is the present CEO of Microsoft?

Ans: Steve Ballmer

18. Who invented C programming language?

Ans: Dennis Ritchie

19. Who wrote UNIX in C?

Ans: Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie

20. Identify the personality.

Ans: Jerry Yang ( Co-Founder of Yahoo)

21. Who is the father of Computer?

Ans: Charles Babbage

22. What is the name of first general purpose computer developed?

Ans: ENIAC ( Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer)

23. What does Google mean?

Ans: Google is term derived another mathematical word “GOOGOL” which means one (1) followed by 100 zeros.It indicates

large amount of data stored in Google.

24. What does “i” stnads for in ORACLE 8i or 9i and “g” stands for in ORACLE 10g or 11g?

Ans: Since ORACLE version 9i and 8i supports internet enabled services so “i” stands for “internet” and Oracle version 10 onwards supports GRID COMPUTING which denotes “g” in 10g or 11g.

25. Expand PHP and ASP.

Ans: PHP- Hypertext Preprocessor

ASP- Active Server Pages

26. Name the company that invented “Graphical User Interface” (GUI)?

Ans: XEROX Corporation.

27. Which is the latest programming language invented by Google?

Ans: GO (used for System Programming)

28. Who is the present CEO of ORACLE?

Ans: Larry Ellison

29. Who invented C++?

Ans: Bjarne Stroustrup

30. Who is the present CEO of Google?

Ans: Lawrence E. Page (Larry Page)

31. Who are the other co-founders of Microsoft except Bill Gates?

Ans: Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer

32. What is the code name of Windows 7?

Ans: Black Comb

33. Which company acquired Sun Microsystems recently?


34. Who invented USB?

Ans: Ajay V. Bhatt (Employee of Intel)

35. Who is the founder of Twitter?

Ans: Jack Dorsey

36.Who is the founder of Wikipedia?

Ans: Jimmy Wales

37. Who is the father of internet?

Ans: Vint Cerf

38. Who invented TCP/IP?

Ans: Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf

39. Which company invented Bluetooth technology?

Ans: Ericsson

40.  Who developed Android OS initially?

Ans: Andrew Rubin (Andy Rubin)  – Former Apple Inc employee

41. Expand RSS.

Ans:  Rich Site Summary/ Really Simple Syndication

42.  Who is the man behind WikiLeaks?

Ans: Julian Assange

43. Who created the first version of RSS and what was its name?

Ans:  Ramanathan V. Guha in 1999 at Netscape.

44. Who is the co-founder of REDHAT Inc?

Ans:  Bob Young

45. Who invented Integrated Chip(IC) ?

Ans: Jack Kilby

46. Who designed QWERTY format for keyboards?

Ans: Christopher Latham Sholes

47. Who is known as Father of Pentium Chip?

Ans: Vinod Dham

48. Who are the inventors of Transistor?

Ans: John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain

49. Name the company that develops OpenGL graphics API?

Ans: Silicon Graphics Inc

50. Name the graphics API that is developed by Microsoft?

Ans: Direct3D

51. What does COMPAQ stands for?

Ans: Compatibility and Quality

52. Who invented PYTHON programming language?

Ans: Guido Van Rossum

53. What does HTC stands for?

Ans: High Tech Corporation

54. What does TFT stands for?

Ans: Thin Film Transistor

55. Who is the CEO of Intel Corporation?

Ans: Paul Otellini

56. What does VAIO stands for in SONY VAIO?

Ans: Video Audio Integration Operation

57. Who are the founders of Hewlett Packard?

Ans: Bill Hewlett and David Packard

58. Expand CDAC.

Ans: Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

59. Who is the CEO of E-Bay?

Ans: John Donahoe

60. Tell the code name of Android 3.0?

Ans: HoneyComb

61. Who is the CEO of AOL(American Online)?

Ans: Tim Armstrong

62. Which services do Apple devices use to synchronize data?

Ans: MobileMe

63. what does SGML stands for?

Ans: Standard Generalized Markup Language

64. Expand PERL.

Ans: Practical Extraction and Report Language

65. Expand VGA.

Ans: Video Graphics Array

66. Expand NASSCOM.

Ans: National Association of Software and Service Companies

67. Who is the co-founder of Apple along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak?

And: Ronald Wayne

68. Who is the first employee of Google?

Ans: Craig Silverstein

69. Who is the CEO of Twitter?

Ans: Dick Costolo

70. Who are the other co-founders of Twitter except Jack Dorsey?

Ans:  Evan Williams and Biz Stone

71. Who are the key people in Sun MicroSystems?

Ans: Andy Bechtolsheim, Jonathan Schwartz, Vinod Khosla, Bill Joy and Scott McNealy

72. Who are the key people in Infosys?

Ans: N.R.Narayan Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, Kris GopalKrishnan, Ashok Arora, K Dinesh and S.D.Shibulal, N.S.Raghavan

73.What is Blingtronics?

Ans: Wearable electronics made up of gold or diamonds.

74. Who is the present CEO of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)?

Ans:  N. Chandrashekharan

75. Who is the only woman to achieve Alan Turing Award?

Ans: Barbara Liskov (Prof of CS in MIT)

76.TCS is the tech partner to the world’s oldest marathon. Which is it?

Ans: Boston Marathon

77. Expand TRDDC.

Ans: Tata Research Development and Design Centre

78. Who designed ENIAC?

Ans: John Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert

79. Who published the PASCAL programming language?

Ans: Niklaus Wirth in 1970

80. What is Object Pascal?

Ans: Derivative of Pascal for Object Oriented Programming

81. Who coined the term SiliconValley?

Ans: Ralph Vaerst and published by Don Hoefler

82. What is a Flog?

Ans: It is a Fake Blog

83. What is Napstering?

Ans: Distributing illegal content and making money out of it.

84. Who is the CEO of IBM?

Ans: Samuel Palmisano

85. Name the device that blocks unauthorized access to a network?

Ans: FireWall

86. Who coined the term Cookies?

Ans: Lou Montulli

87. Which German-American statistician developed a mechanical tabulator based on punch cards?

Ans: Herman Hollerith

88. Which device has Retina Display Technology?

Ans: iPhone 4

89. Telepresence is the Teleconferencing product from which company?

Ans: Cisco

90.What is SIX AXIS?

Ans: It is a wireless game controller from SONY used with Play Station and PS3 GO

91.What is the name given for 10 to the power of Googol?

Ans: GoogolPlex

92. Which is the decision engine?


93.  Who is the CEO of Mphasis?

Ans: Ganesh Ayyer (Founded by Jerry Rao and Jeroen Tas)

94. Expand SAP.

Ans: Systems, Applications and Products in  data processing

95. Who is the CEO of  SAP AG?

Ans: Bill McDermott and Jim Snabe

96. Who is the CEO of AT & T?

Ans: Randall Stephenson

97. Which compnay acquired T-mobile recently?

Ans: AT & T

98. Who invented ATM machines?

Ans: John Shepherd Barron

99. Which bank first used ATM machine?

Ans: Barclays Bank UK

100.  Who is the current CEO Adobe Inc?

Ans: Shantanu Narayen

101. What is the codename of Windows Vista?

Ans: LongHorn

102. Who is the father of Information Theory?

Ans: Claude Shannon

103. What was the previous name of  Oracle?

Ans: Relation Software Inc

104. Infinite Loop can be found in which company’s headquarters?

Ans: Apple Inc.

105. Which is the premitive search application of the Internet?


106. The  first  Artificial Intelligence programming language Information Processing Language (IPL)

107. The first word processor with true WYSIWYG feature is Microsoft Word and Mac Write

108. The 1st browser written by Sir Tim Berner Lee is  World Wide Web (Nexus)

109. World’s 1st commercial modem is Bell 103

110. Expand PING.

Ans: Packet Explorer Groper

111. Expand VERONICA.

Ans: Very Easy Rodent Oriented Netwide Index for Computerized Archives

112. Expand JPEG.

Ans: Joint Photographers Experts Group

113. Expand COM.

Ans: Component Object Model

114. Expand YACC.

Ans: Yet Another Compiler Compiler

115. Who are the inventors of AWK tool?

And: Aho Weinberger  and Kernighan

116. What does TAR command stands for?

And: Tape Archieve

117. Expand GRUB.

Ans: Grand Unified Boot Loader

118. Who invented D programming language?

Ans: Walter Bright

119. Name the book written by famous hacker Kevin Mitnick?

Ans:  The Art of Deception

120. Who said the below quote:

” The best thing about computers, is that no matter  how much ever information you pack into them , they don’t get more heavier”

Ans: Bill Gates

121. Who said the below quote:

” People keep asking me about the Y2K problem. Let me tell you something, O2K(Office 2000)  and W2K (Windows 2000) will be far great disasters than Y2K”

Ans: Scott McNealy (SUN MicroSystems)

122. Who said the quote below:

” Why would any one like to have a computer in his house? ”

Ans:  Ken Olsen (Founder of DEC [Digital Equipments Corporation] )

123. Who said this:

” Two years from now , Spam will be solved ”

Ans:   Bill Gates in 2004

124. Who said this:

” I think there is a world market for may be Five Computers ”

Ans: Thomas Watson Sr. ( IBM )

125.  Which is the first DOT COM domain in India?

Ans: www.

126. Which is most fastest supercomputer in the world?

Ans: K-computer (developed in JAPAN by Fujitsu )

127. Name the company whose tagline is WORK . ONLINE.

Ans: ZOHO Corporation

128. Which is the latest cloud service released by APPLE in WWDC 2011?


129. Which is the upcoming Social platform being developed by Google?

Ans: Google PLUS (Google +)

130. What is the code name of JAVA 7 released on 7th july 2011?

Ans: Dolphin

131. Name the person who created LISP programming langauge?

Ans: John McCarthy ( known as father of Artificial Intelligence)

132. Who created Javascript?

Ans: Brendan Eich

133. Who developed most popular CMS (Content Management System) DRUPAL?

Ans: Dries Buytaert

134. Who developed most popular blogging platform WORDPRESS?

Ans: Matt Mullenweg

135. Name the 3 popular books written by all time famous hacker Kevin Mitnick?

Ans:  They are:

A.  The Art Of Deception

B. The Art Of Intrusion

C. Ghost In The Wires

136. Who authored the famous book “The Cathedral And Bazaar”?

Ans: Eric S Raymond

137.  Name the documentary movie which portrayed Kevin Mitnick and his Hacking actvities?

Ans: Take Down (in US Track Down)

138. Name the movie that illustrates the difficulties faced by Netscape engineers while open sourcing the Netscape Navigator code under GNU licence?

Ans:  Code Rush

139. Name the movie that is based on the Robert Noyce (Founder Of INTEL)?

Ans: The Real Revolutionaries

140. Who are the owners of SnapDeal?

Ans: Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl

141. What was the name the OS used in Apple’s first line of PDAs?

Ans: Newton OS

142. Who started Seagate Technologies?

Ans: Alan Shugart

143.  Expand QR code.

Ans: QR code: Quick Response Code

144.  When Metacalfe left XEROX to form 3Com, he convinced 3-tech giants to promote Ethernet as a standard. They are so called DIX. What are they?

Ans: D – DEC (Digital Equipments Corporation)  now acquired by HP

I – Intel

X – Xerox

145. Who invented Dvorak keyboard?

Ans: August Dvorak

146.  Who is the founder of AutoDesk?

Ans: John Walker

147. Who invented JSON (Javascript Object Notation)?

Ans: Douglous Crockford

148. Name the mascot of Yahoo! Mail.

Ans: Liam

149. In 1941, Jorge Luis Borges created a novel based on that style. It is underlying concept which developed world wide web.

Ans: Hypertext

150. Name the co-founders of Facebook along with Mark Zuckerberg.

Ans:  Edwardo Saverin, Dustin Muskovitz, Chris Hughes

151. Expand PDF.

Ans: Portable Document Format

152.Which cricketer is the brand ambassador of Canon?

Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

153. Exapnd EDSAC.

Ans: Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator


Name the doodle.

Ans: X-ray discovery doodle

155. Who is the founder of Qualcomm?

Ans: Irwin Jacobs and Andrew Viterbi

156. Who created Skype?

Ans: Niklaus Zennstorm and Janus Friin


Ans:  Railtel Corporation


Ans: Non-profit international organization for online safety founded by Stephen Balkam


Ans: Ericsson


Ans : Baidu Search Engine


Ans: Mario created by Shigero Miyamoto


Ans: Gateway Incorporated (subsidiary of Acer)


Ans: Alcatel Lucent


Ans: Stephen Elop


Ans: Amar Bose  (Founder of Bose Corporation)



Ans: Onlive Game Portal



Ans: Open Handset Alliance


Ans: Epic Browser (Indian Made)


Ans:  Internet Society


Ans: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority


Ans: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


Ans: American Registry for Internet Numbers


Ans: The Web Standards Project


Ans:  Emerson


Ans:  IBM Lotus Symphony


Ans:  Apple iTunes Genius Logo


Ans: NING network


Ans:  Remedy Entertainment


Ans:  Logitech logo



Ans:  F-Secure logo


Ans: open id


Ans: gygabite


Ans: ComScore (Internet Marketing Research Company)


Ans: Second Life .com



Logo of FEDENA   ( World’s biggest school ERP)


Ans: InkTomi


Ans: Direct X


Ans: Bell Labs Logo


Ans: Sony Connect


Ans: AutoDesk MAYA


Ans: XBOX 360


Ans: HP voodoo


Ans: Handspring logo


Ans: Polycom partner


Ans: SoftMaroc


Ans: Go Jiyo


Ans: VMware Thinclient


Ans: NOVELL’s MoonLight (Similar To Silverlight)


Ans: Psystar  (Computer H/W)


Ans: Blue Ray


Ans: Motorolla


Ans:   Compiz Fusion icon


Ans: Gateway Computers




Ans: Netlog


Ans: Sony Playstation Move


Ans: Exalead


Ans: Sony Playstation Move


Ans: FireWire


Ans: Intel Reader


Ans: Wacom Logo (Interactive Pen Displays and tablets)


Ans: Disney Tapulous (IPhone game maker )


Ans: Ecom Station


Ans: DLNA logo


Ans: Alan Kay

Scientist known for OOP and GUI


Ans: Samsung Apps


Ans: 2011 Wiki Conference in India


Ans: Terra USA


Ans: WikiMania 2012 Washington DC


Ans: Ubuntu Launchpad


Ans: Flixster


Ans: Internet Engineering Task Force


Ans: Consumer Electronics Association


Ans:  Double Click


Ans: Konica Minolta


Ans: China Mobile


Ans: Shelfari Virtual Book Shelf By Amazon


Ans: Etisalat


Ans: HP (Mphasis)


Ans: Internet Archive


Ans: Abiware


Ans: CMC Limited (Indian IT firm) S RamDorai CEO   (TCS)


Ans: C -dot   (Center for Development Of Telematics )


Ans: Corsair Dominator


Ans: Mobile Money by Nokia


Ans: Ericsson


What is the significance of the day 28th august in software world?

Ans: Software Freedom Day


What is Computer Archeology?

Ans: It is the art and science of recovering computer data encrypted in media.


What is the meaning of Tethering?

Ans: The use of mobile phone as the internet gateway to other devices


Exapnd E3.

Ans: Electronic Entertainment Expo


Who started Web Standards Project in 1998?

Ans: George Olsen


Who created Unicode?

Ans:  Joe Becker (XEROX) and Mark Devis , Lee Kollins (APPLE)  in 1987 started


What is the codename of Windows Live Movie Maker?

Ans: Sundance

145. Who created MAKE build tool in 1997?

Ans: Stuart Feldman


He was an American computer scientist who received Turing Award in 1998 and he was lost at sea during a solo sailing trip?

Ans: Jim Gray


This is an American company involved in the research of low power computer display technology. This was founded by Mary Lou Jepsen, who was previously the CTO of OLPC project?



“Gesher” was it’s first codename, it was released in 9th January 2009 by Intel. On what code name you know it now?

Ans: Sandy Bridge


What are Haswell & Broadwell ?

Ans: These are the codename for a processor microarchitecture to be developed by Intel.

150 .

Who is known as the father of IBM PC?

Ans: Philip Don Estridge


Name the optical semiconductor that is the core of DLP projecion Technology and was invented by Dr. Larry Hornbeck and Dr. William E Nelson of Texas Instrument in 1987?

Ans: Digital Micromirror Device (DMD)


This term was coined in 1960 when Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline used it in an article about the advantages of self­regulating human­machine systems in outer space. Which is the term?

Ans: Cyborg


This company was started by G.L. Mirchandani and Vijay Mansukhani in 1981 in Mumbai and it is one of India’s leading electronics brand. Identify the company?

Ans :Onida


Ans: Blaise Pascal


Ans: Joseph Marie Jacquard (Known For Jaquard Loom i.e, Programmable Loom)


Ans: Charles Babbage


Ans: Lady Ada Lovelace


Ans: George Boole


Ans: Christopher Latham Sholes


Expand EISA.

Ans: Extended Industry Standard Architecture

161. Magix Table is a product from?

Ans: Touch Magix

162. What is defined as “Machine that fits the human environment instead of forcing humans to enter theirs.”?

Ans: Ubiquitous Computing

163. He is one of the co-founder of SUN Microsystems. In 1995 he left SUN to found Granite Systems, a company focused on developing high speed network switches. Who is the personality?

Ans: Andy Bechtolsheim

164. What would you call the act of registering popular domain names, usually a company name, with an intent of selling it to the rightful owner ?

Ans: Cybersquatting

165. Who is claimed to be the first human to be affected with a computer Virus?

Ans: Mark Gasson

166. In sense of  biomechatronics, what is prosthetic limb ( or prosthesis, prosethic)?

Ans:  It is an artifical device extension that replaces a missing body


167. Slate 500 is a multi-touch capable slate PC from which company?

Ans: HP

168. It was started in 1996 by Brewster Kahle with a mission “Universal Access to all Knowledge”. What are we describing?

Ans: Internet Archive


Ans: Brewster Kahle

170. vPro is a technology of which famous company?

Ans: Intel

171. This device was originated as controls for aircraft ailerons and elevators. Ralph Baer created this device in 1967 for Video games for the first time. What is the device?

Ans: Joystick

172. In 2006, he was awarded the National Medal of Technology for inventing the home console for video games and spawning the video game industry.He is widely regarded as “The Father of Video Games”. Who is the identity?

Ans: Ralph Baer


Ans: Ralph Baer

174. This website ,which has been launched in 2006, is run by Sunshine Press. This web site has the slogan “We open the government”. Identify the website?


175. It was orginally started as Radio Manufactures Association(RMA) in 1924. It puts on the Annual International CES (Consumer Electronic Show). What is it?

Ans: Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)

176. HTC manufactured the Nexus One phone. Then who manufactured the Nexus S?

Ans: Samsung

177. PenTile matrix family refers to a family of patented subpixel matrix schemes used in electronic device displays. Which company’s trademark is PenTile?

Ans: Samsung

178. Who is the CEO of Samsung?

Ans: Lee Kun-Hee

179. Who is the co-founder of Samsung?

Ans: Lee Byung Chull

180. What would you call a class of mobile device that combine certain features of both smartphone & netbook?

Ans: Smart Book

181. Expand TED, which is a global set of conferences curated by the American non-profit Sapling Foundation, formed to disseminate “Ideas worth Spreading”.?

Ans : Technology Entertainment Design

182. Historically, it was developed from Telegraphic codes. It’s first commercial use was as a seven-bit teleprinter code promoted by Bell Data Services. What are we discussing?


183. “Read. Share. Explore” is the tag line of?

Ans: Shelfari

184. When was the word “computer” was used for the first time?

Ans: AD 1613

185. Who is internationally recognised as the father of modern digital computer?

Ans: George Stibitz


Ans: George Stibitz

187. X stands for a thin slice of semi-conductor material, such as a silicon crystal, used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. What is X?

Ans: Wafer

188. Expand PCMCIA?

Ans: Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

189. Which company developed the IRIX computer operating system?

Ans: Silicon Graphics Incorporation

190. Quattron is the brand name of an LCD color display technology produced by which company?

Ans: Sharp

191. X is one of India’s leading electronics brands, established as “MIRC Electronics” in 1981. Identify X?

Ans: Onida

192. Name the company marketed the Sansa series of portable media players

Ans: SanDisk

193. Expand NAG in connection with E-goverance.?

Ans: National E-governance Advisory Group

194. Expand UMTS?

Ans: Universal Mobile Telecommunication System

195. X is an OS(Operating System) based upon the Mach kernel. Certain parts from FreeBSD’s and NetBSD’s implementation of Unix were incorporated in NeXTSTEP, the core of X. Identify X?


196. The term “Jailbreaking” , refers to process to get root previlages , is associated with which famous device?

Ans: iPhone

197. How do you simply know a binary digit?

Ans: Bit

198. This can be used for authentication, storing site preferences, shopping cart contents, the identifier for a server-based session, or anything else that can be accomplished through storing text data. This term was coined by web browser programmer Lou Montulli. Idetify the term?

Ans: Cookie

199. He was an American computer scientist known for his pioneering work in programming languages and the first recipient of the Turing Award. Identify him?

Ans: Alan Jay Perlis

200. Who is the CEO of SanDisk?

Ans: Sanjay Mehrotra

201. It was started out as an experiment in November 2004 mainly by Kevin Rose. Matt Williams is the present CEO. What is described here?

Ans: Digg

202. He founded the company , Wheels of Zeus in 2001. Who am i point to?

Ans: Steve Wozniak

203. KIN is the brand name owned by?

Ans: Microsoft

204. S-LCD is a a joint venture between two companies established in 2004. One is samsung, which is the other company?

Ans: Sony

205. Expand OLED?

Ans: Organic Light Emitting Diode

206. Pixel Plus, is a proprietary digital filter image processing technology. Which company is known for it’s development?

Ans: Philips

207. “providing trust for the Internet and Electronic Commerce through our Digital Authentication services and products.” This quote belongs to which companies history?

Ans: Verisign

208. Acid 2, Acid 3 are tests to check the browser’s compatability. Name the personality who devloped this?

Ans: Lan Hickson

209. Presto, Gecko & Tasman are example of ?

Ans:  Web layout Engines or Rendering Engines for web browsers.


Ans: CapGemini

211. X is a search engine system developed for Gopher protocol, developed in 1992 by Steven Foster and Fred Barrie. What is X?


212.  “Antibot” , “GoBack” are the software products from?

Ans: Norton

213. How do you know Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company?

Ans: 3M

214. The book “Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought“ by Douglas Hofstadter is very important in the history of this company. Identify the company?


215. Who is referred as the father of Analysis of Algorithm?

Ans: Donald Knuth

216. Who manufactured the KIN mobile phones from Microsoft?

Ans: Sharp

217. Originally the German company StarDivision developed the application as the proprietary software suite StarOffice. In 1999 Sun Microsystems purchased the code. In August 1999 version 5.2 of StarOffice was made available free of charge. How do we know this software now?

Ans: OpenOffice

218. “Gorilla Grip of Death” is associated with which popular product?

Ans: iPhone 4

219. HP & X was in a struggle to acquire the company 3 PAR. Which company is denoted by X?

Ans: Dell

220. K5 and K6 were the micro processors from AMD. What do the “K” stands for?

Ans: Kryptonite

221. How do you know the company “Tokyo Shibaura Denki” now?

Ans: Toshiba

222. Natty Narwhal is the code name of ?

Ans: Ubuntu 11.04

223. AJAR is a application software platform owned by?

Ans: Motorolla

224. Expand “MOODLE”?

Ans: Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

225. Who is the CEO of Ubuntu?

Ans: Jane Silber

226. What is the codename of Ubuntu 12.04?

Ans: Precise Pangolin

227. “Check Out” is online payment service by?

Ans: Google

228. Tecra and Portege and the laptop series from ?

Ans: Toshiba

229. Expand DOF. Hint: Related to robots?

Ans: Degree Of Freedom


Ans: Red Ring Of Death (found in XBOX)

231. Sachin Tendulkar brand ambassador of Toshiba:

What do you mean by a ” Social Ghost”?

Ans: A Social ghost is a person who died but with an active account in a social networking site.

233. Sony started two projects applying the new diodes: UDO (Ultra Density Optical), and DVR Blue (together with Pioneer), a format of rewritable discs which eventually become X.

Ans: Blue-Ray


X is a predictive text technology for mobile phones, developed by Motorola as a competitor to T9.
It was designed as a replacement for the old letter mappings on phones to help with word entry.
This makes some of the modern mobile phones features like text messaging and note-taking easier.

Identify the X?

Ans: iTap


The PlayStation (officially abbreviated PS) brand is a series of video game consoles created and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Spanning the fifth, sixth, and seventh generations of video gaming, the brand was first introduced on December 3, 1994 in Japan.

Our question is that who is known as the father of Play Station?

Ans: Ken Kutaragi


X was previously known as the $100 LaptopChildren’s Machine, and2B1, also nicknamed ceibalita in Uruguay.
Also tell who manufactured the X.

Ans: OLPC  XO-1

237. C1 & C2 are the Dual sim mobile handsets from which company?

Ans: Nokia


These type of text belong to which test. Also name the scientist behind it?


This belongs to CAPTCHA ( Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computer and Humans Apart). Alan Turing is behind it.


Ans: Semantic Web


Ans: News Hunt (new reader software)

241. Which is the first phone using Bada OS ?

Ans: Samsung Wave S8500

242. Eye toy, Move etc.. belongs to which company?

Ans: Sony

243. Which famous company is the parent of “ Lionhead Studios”?

Ans: Microsoft

244. “ Dimitri” is the code name of a game associated with the Xbox game console.
Which is the game?

Ans: Milo and Kate

245.  .es is the top level domain of ?

Ans: Spain

246.  Expand MMORPG & tell who coined this term ?


MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

coined by Richard Garriot

247.  Who made the robot ‘ Roxxxy’, claimed to be the world’s first sex robot ?

Ans: True Companion


Ans: Microsoft Surface Computing


Ans: Pigeon Rank


Ans:  Eka Supercomputer


Ans: Flight Simulator


Who in Google’s terminology is a greygler?

Ans: Someone who uses the Google and is of age 40 years or more.


He was the winner of the Design Museum’s Inaugural Designer of the Year award in 2002, and won again in 2003. In 2004 he was a juror for the award.

In july 2008, he was awarded the  MDA personal Achievement award for designing. In May 2009, he received an honorary doctorate from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Fortune Magazine named him as the world’s most smartest designer in 2010. Who is he?

Ans: Jonathan Ive


Ans: Jonathan Ive


With which Norwegian company does TCS has a

Ans: Telenor


Kevin Butler is a marketing real life character by a company as
part of their ’It Only Does Everything’ advertising campaign
for a very famous product. Some of his titles are Vice President of
Enough is Enough, Director of Rumor Confirmation and VP of Big
Action Moments. Which product? Also name the company.

Ans: Sony Computer Entertainment  and product is Sony Playstation 3


TCS recently won the Pinnacle award. Which company sponsors it?



The Hua Xia Bank, China (HXB) and TCS won which award ?


Best Core Banking Project Implementation Award


TCS recently got a SWAN
project for which state? It is the
largest SWAN project in any
state so far by TCS.

Ans: Andhra Pradesh


Ans: Ram Shriram


A spreadsheet program by Dan Bricklin = ViSiCalc


Ans: Dan Bricklin


Jeffrey O. Henley is the chairman of = Oracle


NM Electronics = iNTEL


Invented TCP/IP with Robert Kahn  = Vinton Cerf


Cowpland Research Laboratory = COREL


Gordon Gould coined this term for light
amplification = LASER


He along with Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit = Robert Noyce


Virus from Greek mythology = Trojan


Spanish for Tall Tree = Palo Alto


Augusta Ada King = Lovelace


Jerry’s guide to the WWW = Yahoo


Aperture is the Photo Editing & Management software from ?

Ans: Aple


Ans: Aperture Photo editing Software from Apple


How do you know video audio integrated operation

Ans: Sony VAIO


Project Natal Belongs to which game console & company?

Ans: XBox and Microsoft


Name the open source video format based on HTML5 by Google?

Ans: webM


Google celebrated the 30th birthday of a popular game with playable doodle of the game. Which is the game?

Ans: Pac Man


What do FIRA stands for ?

Ans: Federation Of International Robosoccer Association


‘TV meets Web. Web meets TV’. What’s tag lineis this?

Ans: Google TV


MileStone is a smart phone from which company?

Ans: Motorolla


How do you know the Dell Mini 5 now?

Ans: Dell Streak


FLOPS is the measure of the perfomance of a Computer. What is the expansion of FLOPS ?

Ans: Floating Point Operations Per Second


Name the SuperComputer from NEC which was the world’s first vector processor to exceed
100 gigaFLOPS per single core ?

Ans: NEC SX9 (Nippon Electric Company)


In 1844, David Brewster introduced a device that could take photographic pictures in 3D. Name the device ?

Ans: Stereoscope


The brands H3C, TippingPoint belongs to which computer Networks company ?

Ans: 3COM


How do you know GSA in connection with mobile phone ?

Ans: Global Mobile Suppliers Association


The ASCI Red project was a collaboration between Sandia Labs and a famous Company. Which was the company ?

Ans: Intel


This company was started as Multitech in 1976. It began with 11 employees and US$25,000 capital. Identify the company ?

Ans: Acer


Which was the software described as “ as industry standard for graphic professionals” ?

Ans: Adobe Photoshop


In november 2005 MIT research Laboratories unveiled a new laptop computer, for educational use around the world. What was it’s name?

Ans: OLPC  or $100 or XO-1


TMTOWTDI – is the short for one of the slogan of the programmig language Perl. What is it’s expansion ?

Ans: There is More Than One Way To Do It


What is the expansion of D-SLR in the field of Cameras ?

Ans: Digital – Single Lense Reflex


Who acquired Ximian, a developer of Open Source Linux Applications in 2003.

Ans: Novell


Name the CPU used in the first commercially successful portable microcomputer – Osborne 1 ?

Ans: Zilog Z80 ( 4.0 MHz )


The products such as Treo, Centro & Tungston are from which company ?

Ans: Palm


This company was formaly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Now their slogan
is “ Ideas For Life “. Identify the company ?

Ans: Panasonic


Ans: Gadget By OpenMoko  –  WikiReader


This term is related to multimedia. This term is formed by contracting the words “ Future” & “Splash”. What we are talking about ?

Ans: Flash


Name the open source project hosted by the IT giant Microsoft ?

Ans: CodePlex


Which is the German Video game company founded in 1999 by three Turkish Brothers ?

Ans: CryTek


“ A Personal Computer for Children Of All Ages”. Whose quotes are these ?

Ans: Alan Kay


Who publishes the games of the series “Grand Theft Auto “ ?

Ans: Rockstar Games


The very first item sold on Ebay was a broken _______?

Ans: Laser Pointer


Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner with Richard Troiano, founded this company in 1984. This company name is originated from the name of a famous city. Identify the company ?

Ans: Cisco


It is a word processing application developed in 1978 for CP/M. Later, it’s 3rd version was developed for DOS. Which is the application ?

Ans: WordStar


We know the company VIA. Do you know what VIA stands for?. Ie it’s fullform.

Ans: Very Innovative Architecture


Axim, Dimension & Digital Juke Box are the discontinued brands of a famous company. Which is the company?

Ans: Dell


The first Consumer Electronics show was held in june 1967. Say where it was held at?

Ans: New York


EEE brand named netbooks are from Asus. What these 3 E’s stands for?

Ans: Easy to Learn, Easy to Work , Easy to Play


How do you know “Grisoft” now ?

Ans: AVG Technologies


Who is the CEO AVG?

Ans:  J.R.Smith


Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & wii belongs to which generation ?

Ans: 7th


Assassin’s Creed Series & Far Cry Series are from _____?

Ans: Ubisoft


What is the unit of mouse movement ?

Ans : Mickey


Which programming language is known for it’s turtle graphics ?



He created the B Programming language. He is a distinguished engineer of Google. Who is he?

Ans : Ken Thompson


Who developed Logo programming language?

Ans:  Seymour Papert


Whose motto is “ The supercomputing people ” ?



This company began it foray into laptops with the purchase of Texas Instrument’s Mobile PC division in 1997. Which is the company?

Ans : Acer


TIFR is a premier institution in India for higher education and research . It is located at Mumbai. Expand TIFR

Ans: Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research


“ The best way to predict future is to discover it “ . These are the words of a famous computerist. Who is he ?

Ans: Alan Kay


This supercomputer was the first one which rated above 1 TeraFLOPS. Which the supercomputer ?

Ans: ASCI Red


This company was named by the fondness of it’s founders for the hit television series The XFiles. Nelson Gonzalez is its co-founder. Which is the company ?

Ans: Alienware


There have been two explanations of it’s project name. One is that it was named in respect for one of the native American Tribe. This is greatly related & being used in the web. What is it ?

Ans: Apache


IMT-2000 is a family which contain standards such as 3G,GSM EDGE etc.. What is it’s full form?

Ans: International Mobile Telecommunications


The first pre-commercial 3G network was launched by NTT DoCoMo in Japan. What was its brand name ?



“THINK” is a motto related to a giant company. Which is the company ?

Ans: IBM


Which game console uses the Cell Broadband Engine ( CPU) ?

Ans: Playstation 3


Who designed the Dyna book ?

Ans: Alan Kay


Ans: Logo programming language


Whose tag line is “ leap ahead” ?

Ans: INtel


Ans: Founders of youtube (Chad Hurley, Steven Chen and Jawed Karim)


Who is the CEO of Mahindra Satyam?

Ans: C.P. Gurnani ( Chairman is Vineet Nayyar)


This is a company fully owned by Tata Group. It is located in Pune, India. It is concentrated on research and development in the filed of high performance computing. Which is it?

Ans: CRL (Computational Research Lab)


You know Googleplex is the head quarters of Google. How do you know googolplex in mathematics ?

Ans: (10^10)^100. That is 10 raised to 10 raised to 100. Or 10 raised to 10 ^googol


What is the dimension of a SD card ?

Ans : 32mm x  24mm x 2.1 mm


What is the dimension of Micro SD card ?

Ans: 15mm x 11mm


Which is the High Speed Wireless internet service from MTS ?

Ans: M Blaze


Which year is known as the Alan Turing Year ?

Ans: 2012


Smarter planet is the project of which company ?

Ans: IBM


This company started on 1938 in Korea. It’s name means Tristar or Three starts. Which is the company?

Ans: Samsung


We know many types of phobias. Then what is called the fear to computer ?

Ans: LogizomechanoPhobia


A company brought Which is the company ?

Ans: Apple


It is the first and largest body of computer professionals in India. It was started on 6 March
1965.Which is it ?

Ans: CSI (Computer Society Of India)


Which company brought the “classmate PC”, a low cost netbook ?

Ans: Intel


“Nexus One” is the smart phone from Google. But it is manufactured by another company. Which is that company ?

Ans: HTC


Who written the book – “ The Art of Computer Programming” ?

Ans: Donald Knuth


where did laser printer was developed ?



What is DIVX stands for ?

Ans: DIgital Video eXpress


‘ACER’ is a robot developed by Mesa Robotics. Expand ‘ACER’

Ans: Armed Combat Engineer Robot


BOSS is a( free software) Operating System developed in India. What is the full form of BOSS?

Ans: Bharat Operating System Solutions


How do you know Local Integrated Software Architecture ?

Ans: LISA (Apple)


This term was first coined by Ralph Vaerst. Its first published use is credited to Don Hoefler. Which is th term ?

Ans: Silicon Valley


Whose laptop ranges are Aspire & Extensa ?

Ans: Acer


This was Asia’s fastest Supercomputer when it was developed. It was developed by CRL with the technnical assistance from HP. Which is the Supercomputer described here ?

Ans: Eka


This term is used when you feel sheepish or regretful about something you tweeted. Which is the term ?

Ans: Tweepish


What is LTE in mobile technology ?

Ans: Long Term Evolution


photon+ and netconnect broadband+ give 3.1mbps of wireless Internet which technology is behind this?

Ans: EVDO (EVolution Data Optimisation)


This company provide sms channel service in India. Name the company ?

Ans: Google


Booklet 3G is a netbook from which company ?



what is Salinger syndrome. It’s related to computer ?

Ans:  It is slang for the tendency to believe that every thing you read on the internet.


Its codename was ‘Project PX’ when it was developed.Its was development started in 1943 and finished on 1946 . What is this ?

Ans: ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator)


Bit torrent clients are known as ?



Expand DASP, which belongs to Acer ?

Ans: Disk Anti-Shock Protection


chatting is very common now. What is the full form of CHAT ?

Ans: Conversational Hypertext Access Technology


In mobile Technology. What is IMEI ?

Ans: International Mobile Equipment Identity


What is MNP in mobile technology ?

Ans: Mobile Number Portability


We know 8 bits form a byte. Byte stands for what ?

Ans: Binary Element String


Whose online nickname is ‘Jimbo’ ?

Ans: Jimmy Wales


He was in Xerox when he invented Laser Printer. Who is he ?

Ans: Gary Starkweather


He called Internet as ‘Information Super Highway’. He was vice president of America. He also received Nobel Prize for peace. Who is described here ?

Ans: Al Gore


He born in England. He is regarded as the father of computer science. Who is he ?

Ans: Alan Turing


Expand SVTC. It is related to Electronic waste ?

Ans: Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition


This company brought the first wireless hard disk. Name the company?

Ans: Imation


This comapy is known for bringing first USB 3.0 thumb drive. Which is the company ?

Ans: Super Talent


T9 in mobile devices helps to increase the typing speed. What is T9 ?

Ans: Text in 9 keys


CMM is a service mark owned by Carnegie Mellon University. What is CMM ?

Ans: Capability Maturity Model


What is gTLD in relation with domain names ?

Ans: Generic Top Level Domain


Geocities was a free web hosting service and it was stopped . Whose service was this ?



In which code does SUN Inc is listed in the NASDAQ, America’s famous stock exchange?



Ymail and rocketmail are the email domains from which company ?



Name the application Virtulisation Project of Microsoft and Sandisk ?

Ans: Start Key


“who do you know” is the slogan of which famous social networking website ?

Ans: Orkut


This is a small format of projector that can be used as a stand alone projector or as an integrated component in mobile devices, and uses the same technology that powers standard projectors. Name it ?

Ans: Pico Projector


Mojopac is an application virtualisation software. Which company’s product is this ?

Ans: RingCube Technology


Which is the major element used in microprocessors ?

Ans: Silicon


Expand UNIVAC ?

Ans: UNIVersal Automatic Computer


which is the encyclopedia from Microsoft ?

Ans: Encarta


The Blog with stolen content is called ?

Ans: Splog


What is Cyborg ?

Ans: Cyber Organism


What is the full form of BASIC ?

Ans: Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code


Which is the world’s first Super Computer ?

Ans: Cray I


Expand LOGO ?

Ans: Logic Oriented Graphic Oriented


Who is known as the world’s first Programmer ?

Ans:  Lady Ada Lovelace


Saif Ali Khan is the brand ambassador of which Chinese Giant ?

Ans: Lenovo


Whose tag line is “Do The New “ ?

Ans: TATA Docomo


Which country’s Top Level Domain is .lk ?

Ans: Sri Lanka


The Turing Award is given by ?

Ans: ACM (Association of Computing Machinery)


Who built the worlds first Program controlled computer, the Z1 computer ?

Ans: Konrad Zuse


.gb is the Top Level Domain of which country ?

Ans: UK


What is the name of the first Virus ?

Ans: Brain Virus


Expand VIRUS ?

Ans: Vital Information Resourced Under Siege


Expand VAN ?

Ans: Value Added Network



Ans: NCR Corporation






To B Continued……………..………………………… Stay Tune….


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