Prison Break-The Conspiracy

Sorry friends I was a bit busy in gaming and other stuff so I couldn’t  get time for another  post.In the recent days I ‘ve been playing games such as Gun,The Prince of Persia trilogy(Warrior within onwards) and some of the games in the Grand theft auto series again to find some articles for the site.The games listed above and some other have been played and known by all,I would now like to tell you about a game developed after a hit television series.We all have been fans of the show and would have loved to be with the characters in the show,So for that experience what would be better than a video game?.So after the success of PRISON BREAK we have the game


It is an adventurous game based on the hit television series PRISON BREAK which aired on FOX network.It was released mainly  for Microsoft Windows,Xbox 360 and PS3. It was released on March 19, 2010 in Germany, March 26, 2010 in the United Kingdom and Europe, and March 30, 2010 in North America.It was developed by ZootFly,published by Deep Silver and was distributed by  Koch Media and Southpeak Games.The game was being developed for Playstation and Xbox 360 which was going to be released in February 2009 but was cancelled when the company Brash Entertainment closed down.However ZootFly continued the development .Later it was picked up by new publisher Deep Silver.

It allows the player to play in a single player mode and play the role of of a prisoner inside the Fox River State Penitentiary .its set in the first season of the show and you can never play being anyone of the characters.ZootFly developed a new character Agent tom Paxton who worked for “The Company”(a secret organization in the series).It consists of 9 levels which are fun filled and remind you of the series.

Minimum System Requirements(Windows):

OS:Windows XP

CPU:Single core 2.0 Ghz


HDD:2.0GB of free space

DVD Rom drive:8X speed

Video card:Shader 3.0 Nvidia 7800/ATI  X1800

DirectX version 9.0c


Burrows in the prison

The entire story revolves around the protagonist Agent Tom Paxton who works for “The Company” which is responsible for the Vice President’s brother’s death and the imprisonment of Lincoln Burrows.The story goes on parallel to the events in the first season.Paxton is sent to the prison by Jack Mannix to figure what Burrows’ brother Michael scofield is upto and to ensure that Burrows is executed.It turns out to be that Paxton is set up by Mannix.Later they get into a fight.Eventually Mannix gets killed.paxton then Breaks out of the prison in the end.

It is as Paxton is present in every scene in the series and we did not see him.All the major characters from the series are included in the game and all the events go on as shown in the series also their PRISON BREAK.


Movement: There are many different game play mechanics involved in the game.Many missions involve running around the prison completing other inmates’ tasks and some involve moving  from one place to another.Most of the movement mostly involves walking or running.

Combat: The combat consists of moves such as basic quick  punch,slow punch,dodge and block.The game allows you to have infinite lives and the game starts at the place and time when your player died.

Misc: Working out allows you to be strong which could help you in some of the fights with other inmates.So,better you max your strength in the start because the fights which follow may be quite difficult.By the end of the game ,the missions involve sneaking,picking the locks etc, so be your best in these things because they are going to cost you  a lot of lives.


The Fox River State Penitentiary

ZootFly has marvellously recreated the Fox River State Penitentiary and the majority of the show’s characters, including Michael Scofield,Lincoln Burrows,Fernando Sucre,Theodore”t-bag” Bagwell,C-note,John Abruzzi etc.

Most of the facial expressions are not up to the mark but it still somehow gives you a feel of the series.The xound effects every now and then are good enough as the series and the characters are also too good.

Reviews and Critical Reception:

The game as the series did not get a good reception.Metacritic gave it 47% and 39% for PS3 and Xbox versions respectively. The Daily Telegraph described the game as “an abject failure on all counts,” rating it 2/10. GamingXP said “For gamers who don’t have problems with linearity Prison Break: The Conspiracy offers an interesting adventure. Especially fans of the TV-series will enjoy the story that is based on the first season.”.Gaming Evolution said “There are very few licensed games that have been able to live up to expectations of the movie/TV show/comic book/novel counterpart. While there is indeed so much to look forward to with Prison Break: The Conspiracy, it just seems there wasn’t enough time and money in the budget to make this an experience that’s truly worthy of the hit series. On its own, it’s a solid gaming experience worth playing.”.

According to me it might be the protagonist due to  which the game was not liked by some people,Had it been any of the series characters the game would have been a much bigger hit.

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