Manage Your Office

If you own a business and if you need to work with documents and spreadsheets etc online, then this article is for you. is one such website which allows you to work with wide variety of office applications for your business. It provides around 20 applications spanning collaboration, business and productivity. All you need is just an internet connection and a browser. is managed by an Indian based company called ZOHO Corporation. This service is based on cloud computing technology with Software As A Service(SaaS) platform.

To claim the services of zoho, you need to register in their website. There are two types of registrations. One is free account and other is paid. For free accounts, it offers basic applications such as Docs, Mail, Projects, Chat, Meeting, Discussions and Wiki etc.  For premium membership, along with free applications it also offers business applications such as CRM, Invoice, Marketplace, Reports, Recruit, Assist etc. And free member will be given 1GB of memory space. While paid members can choose their desired package.  One more facility given by zoho is sharing and import/export of documents from Google Docs service and Microsoft Live Office also. Zoho is the tough competitor to Microsoft Live Office. So I hope you will try it.


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