Manage Your Bookmarks

All of us regularly browse internet and we find many things useful and off course we bookmarks the pages which we feel very good and want to visit those again. And those bookmarks will be saved in our browser’s memory. What if we format our computer memory or hard disk is corrupted? Those bookmarks are lost! There is no way to recover them.  So here i would like to share(some people may know them) two things that will help everybody to maintain and save bookmarks permanently.


XMARKS provides a free plugin i.e. xmarks plugins all the browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. What we need to do is to download and install it from Then before using it we should register for Then a xmarks tab will appear at the top of the browser. If you visit any web page and you want to bookmark it, you just have to click on xmarks tab. It will be bookmarked into your xmarks account instead of your local computer memory. So even if you reinstall your browser you can get all your bookmarks.

2. Firefox Sync:

Yet another tool for maintaining bookmarks is Firefox sync. It has the limitation that it is available only for Firefox browser. Firefox is a plugin for Firefox and you just have to add it  Firefox. While installing it for the first time you need to create Sync account. It will give you HTML file which consists of a key which you need to protect safely. And you need to produce this key next time you are installing Firefox and sync on it. Otherwise you have to create the sync account again. And using this Sync you are now able to save your bookmarks permanently.


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