Tweets About Twitter!!!!!!!

The twitter is coming out with good applications now a days.  I would like to mention three most popular applications in this article that are :

1. Twitpic and              2. Twitcam 3. TallTweets


Twitpic is a fantastic application that has been integrated with twitter which allows  Twitter users to share their pictures and images with their followers. To use Twitpic service, you just have to add this application to your existing Twitter account. To add these services to your Twitter account, you have to open and signup for it using your twitter account login details and say “ALLOW”. You are ready to use.


Twitcam is very recently introduced service by Twitter in collaboration with LiveStream to enable users to broadcast live  videos online. We are  still testing it. It is anyway a fantastic service. You can also try it out. To use you just have to signup to and add this application to your twitter acccount. Thats it!


TallTweets is yet another useful tool to integrate with Twitter. Sometimes 140 characters characters will be less to tweet something. In that case we need to create a link and we need to tweet that link. But TallTweets allows us to have tweets of length more than 140 characters. The tool will slice and publish your ‘long tweet’ into smaller chunks of 140 characters or less. And it will allow your twitter followers to read your entire tweet in their timeline itself. You can add this tool to your Twitter account in the same way as both of the above have been done. To do so visit


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