Google CL

Google has released a very fantastic command line tool( Google CL) with the help of which we can access all Google related services such as Picasa, Blogger and Calender etc. The main use of this tool is that we can do all tasks without actually logging in to our Google account. This tool is available for all Linux flavors. You can get it from

Suppose you want to create an album in picasa to upload photos to it. You can do it in command line using Google CL
This operation can be performed by following command:
$ google picasa create –title “My Photos” ~/Photos/Tour/*.jpg

You can post an article to your Blogger blog with the below given command:

$ google blogger post –blog “My blog” –tags “python, googlecl, development” my_post.html

You can edit your Google Calender and Google Documents by following commands:

$ google calendar add “Lunch with Jason tomorrow at noon”
$ google docs edit –title “Shopping list” –editor vim

Google is still adding many features to it and it is still in improvement stage. You can try it out if you are interested.


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