Steps to install Drupal

Since Drupal is a content management system to create rich  websites. There are two ways to install Drupal depending on your hosting account. If you use premium hosting with lot of features then Drupal installation is a few clicks away and is very easy. If you use free hosting services then you need to follow some procedure.

  1. Installation in Premium Hosting

Today almost all premium hosting services provide a feature known as “Funtastico – the script installer”. You just have to search this option in your hosting account page. Then in that there will a option to install “Drupal”. You just have to select that and click on install.  Drupal will be installed. You don’t even need to create database or username etc.

To open your drupal site just enter its valid URL in address bar.

  1. Manual Installation in Free Hosting

To install drupal manually, first you have to download drupal from

The latest release when I was writing this article was Drupal 6.2. After downloading, go to your hosting site. Here I am using free hosting site account i.e. .

Login into your hosting account and open file manager.

Before uploading anything, you should have your own domain.  And you have to create a database and username and password for the database.

Here in we don’t create new user for every new database we create.

But we use the vista(Cpanel)  panel login name and password for the database username and password also. But you should follow the features of your hosting provider.

Here I have created the database known as “fees0_5271884_web”. So we need this database to install drupal.

Then Locate the “File Manager” option in control panel.

Click on that and get the list of your domains. Click on your domain entry. Here I have my domain name as  “”. So I will click on that.

You do the same with your domain entry.  There you will find the sub-directory named “htdocs” or “ public_html”. Now you have to upload the drupal in that folder.

You can do it by filezilla client as it works smooth.

Here it finishes the first phase.

After uploading  you can open your drupal site by doing as given below.  First you have to search for a file known as “install.php” located in the directory drupal is installed.

Then you have get the full path or URL of the the file “install.php”. Here I have installed drupal in

So the URL of the file So I will type this URL in address bar. It will give you give you installation window.

As you can see below. In the window , first we have to select language of installation. I will prefer to select “English” by default.

In the next window, you have to specify the DataBase Name you are using for the Drupal website.

And you also have to mention Username and Passwords.  And Below in the “ Advanced Options” tab you have to put your “DataBase HostName”.

In my case, it is “”. Leave other fields blank and click on “Save and Continue”.

It will install Drupal for you. And then in the next step you have to configure your Drupal Site.

There you just have to specify your website name, e-mail Address etc.

There your setup will be completed.

You will see the following window.

One more thing,

While installing Drupal you may encounter following problems but their solutions are also given below.

After you choose language of installation,

In next window, you may have to face two problems.

That is 1st you have to rename the file  ./sites/default/default.settings.php to ./sites/default/settings.php. After renaming it we are clear. The next window shows  “Database Configuration”.  As we have already set-up the database i.e. “fees0_5271884_web”. We put this name. Next enter database username and password.  In the advanced options enter your MySQL database hostname here in my case it is “”. You find your hostname and enter it.


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