How to create torrent file

Torrents are very good resources for upload/download purposes. We couldn’t imagine the internet without torrents. So we regularly use torrents for our purposes. We know how to download anything using torrent clients and search engines.

In this article, we will explain the steps to create your own torrent file and trackers and how to upload them or seed them.

There are 3 torrent clients that are most widely used for download/upload.  They are  1. Vuze  2. µtorrent  and 3. BitTorrent client.  We will explain one by one.

  1. Vuze :

Vuze is the most powerful download client among all. It gives maximum possible download speed and its upload limit is less.  Before installing it you need to install Java Runtime Environment(JRE) package.  To create torrent file follow below given steps.

  1. Click on File->  New Torrent   in menu tab in vuze window as shown below.
  2. In the window appeared,  in first box you have to enter the trackers for the torrent file you want to create. Well the following trackers can be used, as they work for most of the cases.

You have to use any one or two trackers , as it will be more than enough.


Note: If you want to upload your torrent file to , then you have to     enter the tracker given by the demonoid site. It may be (

3.  Then you will have to select whether you want to create the torrent file for single file or the     directory. Here I will select “DIRECTORY” option.

4. Next you have to select the path of the file or directory of which you want to create torrent file.

5. In the window you have to select the directory you want to save the torrent file after creation.

6. Then click on next to create the torrent file. You are done!

7. Next you just have to upload that torrent file in any of the torrent search engines such as,  or and etc.

II.  µTorrent

This is yet another torrent client which is very easy to use. It is of very small size and its installation is very simple. The following methods should be followed to create torrent files using µTorrent.

  1. Click on File-> Create New Torrent -> , then you will see a window.
  2. In the top box you have to specify or select the path of the FILE or DIRECTORY whatever you want.
  3. In the TRACKERS field, enter the above mentioned trackers or other if you know.
  4. You can check the box specified “Start Seeding” if you want, but not necessary.
  5. Leave other fields blank.
  6. Click on “CREATE AND SAVE” torrent. And after creating select the directory, where you want to save that torrent file. You are done.

III            BitTorrent

BitTorrent is yet another fantastic torrent client to download/upload. The steps below show you how to create torrent file using BitTorrent.

  1. Click on File->Create New Torrent .
  2. Select the FILE or DIRECTORY of which you want to create torrent file.
  3. Enter any one of the above mentioned trackers and then click on “CREATE AND SAVE AS”.
  4. Other things are same as with µTorrent.


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