Protect Data In Your Drive

Windows 7 has lot of new features such as Aero Theme, Windows Media Centre, Bit Locker, DVD Burner and many more. Among them I am very fascinate about “ BitLocker” application. By using this application you can protect data present in any of your Disk Drive and also in Flash Drive from unauthorized access.  It does the job by encrypting the data present in drive. The process of encryption makes it unreadable i.e. it converts the data to codes. So to read the data properly the user should enter the proper password. So you can put all your important data in that drive and encrypt to disble unauthorized access. To remove this service you have to decrypt the data. So you will find the “BitLocker” options in Control Panel.

You can do the same for your pendrive or flash drive also. You can encrypt the data in pendrive and when you plug it in another PC it will ask you for password before showing the contents.


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