Install Windows within Linux or Install Linux inside Windows

I hope you have heard the term Virtualisation. It means installing one operating system within another OS. Then this OS which is installed is called “Virtual Operating System”. How it is possible?  There are several applications that make it possible. Few among them are:  VirtualBox OSE, Virtual Machine Manager and VMware Player etc.  VirtualBox OSE is most widely used and it is efficient software using which we can install one operating system inside the other.

It is free software and can be downloaded from Its installation is like other softwares. It is available for both Windows and Linux. You can install it in Windows and install virtual OS as Linux and vice versa.  Using this you can install any no. of virtual operating systems.

After installation of VirtualBox, follow the below given steps:

  1. Open VirtualBox.

2. Click on “NEW” to create new virtual machine.
3.  Then a windows appears.  In that click on “NEXT”.
4. In the next window type the name of the operating system you want to install. Then select its type i.e. whether it is WINDOWS or LINUX or UNIX or else MAC etc. And select particular version. Then click on “NEXT”.
5.  In the next window select the size of the memory you want to allocate to VIRTUAL OS. The memory of 256MB is more than enough I think.

6.    In the next window there are two options i.e. you can create new hard disk or you may use existing one if any.

7.   Here I am choosing the option “CREATE NEW HARD DISK”. Then click on “NEXT”.

8.  Again you will be given two options. Whether the hard disk will be of fixed size or dynamically expanding. If we select “DYNAMICALLY EXPANDING” then we can use the memory if needed, otherwise not.

9.  Next allocate the size and location to the virtual hard disk in your main hard disk. You may choose any drive of your hard disk. Allocate at least 5GB of memory for virtual hard disk.

10.  Now you have created space for your virtual OS.

11.  Now in the main window select the OS and click on “START”.

12.  In the next window you have to select the ISO image location of your virtual OS.

13. Now in the window shown click on “ADD” and select the path of ISO image and click on “SELECT”.

14. Now it will start installing the operating system.
15. The next coming procedure is normal as you install your main Operating System.
16. After installing you have restart it and run.
Similarly you can install Windows inside Linux. For more queries comment us or email us at

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