Create Your Own SMS channel

Some people are very much interested in SMS channels that run across millions of mobiles daily. This post is dedicated to them if they also want to create their own SMS channel.

One of the provider of SMS channels is Google.  To create SMS channel using Google service you need to register at Google website. If already have any of the Google ID’s like Gmail, Picasa or Adsense or Webmaster tools etc you can use that existing username and password to access SMS channels.

First go to

Here your address changes according to your domain or country you are living.  If you are living in United States your domain will be .us and if you live in Japan then it will be .jp and for England it will be .uk and for India it will be .in .  That is if you are living in China and if you want to browse or create SMS channel then you have to use the URL :

Then you have to sign in with your existing username and password.

Now you will get the window shown beside. Then you have to click on tab “My Channels“.

Now click on “Create” button to create new one. Then in the yellow colored box you have set your own “Nickname” and put your “Mobile number” to get verification code from Google.

Then a 5 digit verification code will be sent to you. You have enter that code  in below shown window and check the agreement of “Terms of Service“. Then click on “Finish Setup“.

Sometimes due to network problems verification code may not be received soon by mobile or the verification code may not be accepted. But you have to keep trying until it finishes the set up properly.

Then after registering your mobile at Google Labs you will see the below window.

Click on “Try now“. It will ask for som details like name of the sms channel and its category etc. Just fill them according to your wish.

Then you have to agree to the terms of service and click on “Create channel“.  Then the channel will be created but it takes some time

to activate.  Then you can invite subscribers and and add owners by clicking on “Manage Channel“. And you can delete the channel by clicking on “Delete Channel“.  This is very interesting. Anybody can try it.


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