Search Google Efficiently

Search 10-100 times faster

Whenever we search anything in Google, it displays results in a manner such that first 10 results will be displayed on first page. Then to see next 10 results we have to click on “NEXT“, and so on. So every time clicking on “NEXT” makes surfing speed slow. By using this trick we can prevent this clicking on series of “NEXTs”.

Instead of that we can make all the results to appear in one page.

1. Open Google website.

2. Enter the keyword in the SEARCH BAR.                                                     3. It will show first 10 results.                                                                       4. Now go to “ADDRESS BAR” and write &num=1000 infront of the automatically generated address.                                       5. Here it will show you 1000 results in one page.

If you want 100 results in a page just write &num=100

instead of 1000.


Google Image Swirl

Google Image Swirl is a service provided by Google to search      

the images as groups of hierarchies. It displays the images in

groups with related features. For Ex: Consider if you enter a

keyword as “CAR”. First it will show different categories in CAR.

Then If you click on any category, then it will show you different

brands of CAR. Then if you select any brand then it will show

different designs of that brand. If you select on any design then

it will show you different colors in that design and so on. It follows a hierarchy.


Google Squared

Google sqruared is yet another useful service provided by Google Inc. This is part of development of Web 3.0. The main aim of using Google Squared is to get all related data in a single page. Normally when we search anything in Google, the results will be displayed in random order and we can’t get all the related data at one place. Here exists the need of Google Squared. It provides the related data in definite order in the form of spreadsheet. This service is not yet developed completely. But in the coming days it will be useful source of related information.


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