NCTUNS Installation Guide

NCTUNS installation guide

1.copy the the file into home directory

2.Double click on the and extract files in document directory

3.After this open the document directory and open NCTUns-4.0

open a terminal and type the command ‘su’ it ask for the root password enter the root password


password {enter the password}


5.on the same termnal enter the full path of the file begining with sh command then enter


# sh /root/Documents/NCTUns-4.0/

{this can be done by typing sh and give the space drag the file and remove the single quotes of the address}

{path can vary with the your linux machine usernames}

you get as below

[root@localhost ~]# sh /root/Documents/NCTUns-4.0/


* The NCTUns 4.0 Network Simulator Installation Script Program


* Notes: 1. You must be the root user to successfully run this program.

* 2. Normally, you can simply answer “y” or “yes” to all questions.

* 3. The related files of NCTUns will be installed in /usr/local/nctuns










* In the following, this script will begin to install NCTUns. If you want

* to abort this installation, you should press “control+C” NOW!


* Otherwise, you can press the “Enter” key to begin.


6.Then enter

you get as below

** **

** Install NCTUns Kernel **

** **

STATE: install new nctuns kernel or upgrade older nctuns kernel

STATE: Your nctuns kernel rpm is already the newest version.

STATE: modifiy grub configure to disable hiddenmenu function and extend timeout limit

REPORT: install nctuns kernel … ok

** **

** Install System Library **

** **

STATE: existed

STATE: The tcl library is already installed.

STATE: The pcap library is already installed.

STATE: configure dynamic linker run time bindings

REPORT: install … .skip

REPORT: install libtcl8.4 … skip

REPORT: install … skip

** **

** Build the simulation engine and libraries **

** **

STATE: build nctuns and

GEN .version

HOSTCC scripts/basic/fixdep

HOSTCC scripts/basic/config

GEN autoconf.h

CXX agent.o

CXX app_init.o

CXX auto_vehicle_signal.o

CXX command_server.o

CXX commun_gui.o

CXX dispatcher.o

CXX event.o

CXX exportStr.o

CXX gbind.o

CXX heap.o

CXX init.o

CXX maptable.o

CXX mbinder.o

CXX nctuns.o

CXX nctuns_api.o

CXX nodetype.o

CXX object.o

CXX packet.o

CXX random.o

CXX regcom.o

CXX scheduler.o

CXX sock_skel.o

CXX sysrt.o

CXX tclBinder.o

CXX tclObject.o

CXX timer.o

CXX tun_mmap.o

CXX IPC/ns.o

LD IPC/built-in.o

CXX module/ps/DRR/drr.o

LD module/ps/DRR/built-in.o

CXX module/ps/DS/ds_i.o

CXX module/ps/DS/dsqueue.o





** Results:


** install nctuns kernel … ok

** install … .skip

** install libtcl8.4 … skip

** install … skip

** build and install nctuns … ok

** build and install advanced wireless phy library … ok

** build and install coordinator … ok

** install coordinator configure file … ok

** build and install dispatcher … ok

** install dispatcher configure file … ok

** create rules of udev for nctuns tunnel … ok

** install Xinetd Internet services daemon … skip

** install rsh server … skip

** enable rlogin and rsh … ok

** skip rlogin authentication for pam.d … ok

** install xterm … link

** build and install nctuns-tcsh … ok

** build and install shell … ok

** build and install stcp and rtcp … ok

** build and install ttcp … ok

** build and install stg and rtg … ok

** build and install rtp library … ok

** build and install rtp example tools … ok

** build tactic network agent … ok

** install ITS profile … ok

** build and install printPtr … ok

** copy package trace format file … ok

** build and install ripd … ok

** build and install ospfd … ok

** build and install emud … ok

** build and install remud … ok

** build and install agent of mipd… ok

** build and install mnd of mipd… ok

** build and install rod of mipd… ok

** install nctuns.csh and nctuns.bash … ok

** install route command … link

** install tcpdump command … link

** install ping command … copy

** install ifconfig command … link

** install nctunsclient.bin … ok

** install nctunsclient … skip

** install BMP for gui … ok

** install app.xml for gui … ok

** install ps.cfg for gui … ok

** install mdf for gui … ok


** Please press the “Enter” key to continue

7.Then enter once again

you shown as below


** Before you start using NCTUNS, please check whether you have done

** all of these steps. According to our technical support experiences,

** most problems are caused by not performing all of these steps.



** 0. The NCTUns programs have been successfully compiled and installed.

** 1. You have rebooted your system and is using the newly-built kernel.

** 2. The rlogin and rsh services in /etc/xinetd.d/rlogin and

** /etc/xinetd.d/rsh have been enabled.

** 3. The NCTUNSHOME, NCTUNS_TOOLS, and NCTUNS_BIN environment variables

** have been set properly.

** You can use the following command to do this job:

** [csh/tcsh] # source /usr/local/nctuns/etc/nctuns.csh

** [bash] # source /usr/local/nctuns/etc/nctuns.bash

** 4. You should stop iptables service by executing

** “service iptables stop”.

** 5. You have set “SELINUX=disabled” in /etc/sysconfig/selinux




** If you think that you encounter a NCTUns bug, please report it to



** If you would like to exchange your ideas/questions with other NCTUns users,

** you may check and use:

** (1) NCTUns mailing list:

** (2) NCTUns forum:



* This procedure will help you modify the SELinux configuration and append


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