Install VLC Player in Fedora

step 1: Connect your PC to the internet and then open terminal.

step 2: Become the root user by typing the below command in the terminal.

$> su

Then it will ask for password. Then give the root password. Now you are a super/root user.

step 3: Then type the following commands to install VLC player.

#> rpm -ivh

#> yum install vlc

step 4: Then In the terminal the vlc and other dependency packages will be downloaded and automatically installed.

This process will take around some 20-30 minutes, depending upon your internet speed. Until then you should wait.

step 5: After installing everything it will return user prompt like “linux@host $>” . After that you close the terminal

and open the applications in the main menu. There in “Audio & Video ” column. if you see VLC player option,

then your VLC player is installed properly.

step 6: Now you can open any media file by “open with VLC media player option”.


Installing VLC Plug In for Firefox :

Type the following command in the terminal, it will install VLC plug-In for Firefox.

#> yum install mozilla-vlc


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