Try Other Search Engines

Today everybody is dependent on Google for anything as Google fulfills everybody’s needs. Here i want mention two different search engines that provide the results in some other view.

They are :

1. Wolframalpha

Wolframalpha is a mathematical search engine that provides the query results based on computational means.

For example, if you enter your date of birth as keyword to search it will show you the total no. of days passed from your day of birth to till today.

And if you enter any calculation i.e. for ex :45+89, then it will compute the sum and tell you.

It has lot of unique features, just go and explore them.

2. Search Cube:

Search-cube as the name suggests displays the results in CUBE format. Anything you search, the results will be displayed as small units of a large cube. You can flip and rotate the cube to view all the results. To rotate you can either use keyboard navigation keys or your mouse cursor. Have fun!


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