Netvibes- Create Your Own Homepage

Google has provided  a service known as iGOOGLE to set and customise our own homepage. But the problem with it is that it provides very less number of widgets which are not sufficient.  Here we want mention an alternative and better service to set and customize your homepage as you want with unlimited number of widgets.

This is provided by .  To create your homepage , you have to first register in the site. Next  you will be given a dashboard and one tab named “ADD CONTENT”.  In “ Add Content”  tab you can enter the keyword to search required widgets. After searching the widgets, you can add them to your home page by clicking on “ADD” button below it.

Then you can edit your profile link(URL) in settings. You can make your page private or public.

One more advantage of Netvibes is that by adding the widgets related to our E-mail accounts such as G-MAIL, YahooMail and Hotmail etc we can directly view the new mails in the inbox in this page. We don’t need to sign –in to our email accounts.  It also provides widgets related to social networking sites such

as Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, StumbleUpon, Myspace and many more so that we can view updates from these widgets only.

Here it will provide additional options to add “TABS” and change your theme of homepage etc.


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