Customize Images

Many times we wish to re-size or convert our images them to specific formats such as .jpeg, .gif or .png to upload them to websites. There are many applications that provide these facilities. Bu most of them are proprietary. Here we want to mention two such tools which are free softwares and provide facilities to edit  and resize images. They are:

1. Fast Stone Photo Resizer

Fast Stone Photo Resizer is available at This Software provides customise option to select desired size and format. And we can also place our identity on the image.

2. Free Image Converter

Free Image Converter is yet another useful tool to resize the pictures to desired size. But it has one limitation i.e. using this we can’t convert from one format to other. It can be downloaded from

Convert Images Online

If you want to re-size or convert images online then we have two very good sites.  One is Here we just have to upload the image which we want to convert or re-size. No need to register also. Then we have to select the required size parameters and format and say “Convert”. Then it will convert it and provide a link to download converted image. and , etc are few  more sites  image editing.


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