Free Applications

Miro video downloader and player

Miro is a free software which can search and download top videos from all video sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh and Vodpod Videos etc.  The special thing about this application is that it is free and it is available for all operating systems ie. Windows, Linux(all flavours) and Mac OSs. So it is very easy to install. To download it visit

The download speed is also fast as it will consume almost all bandwidth allotted.  So we can make good video collections with this application.





Many people use Linux operating systems in their PCs. Since each flavor of Linux will be released every six months. So many people want to try and test it. So for installing any OS we need its bootable disk. But an alternative is also possible. By using “UNETBOOTIN” we can create bootable pendrives which can be used for OS installation. Note: It is applicable for creating Linux Bootable pendrive. We can get this software from It is available for both Windows and Linux.

Select the distribution of which you want to create bootable drive. Then select the location of ISO image and then USB drive.

Say OK.

It will take some 10 minutes to create bootable pendrive.

While installing the OS select USB Drive as default booting device. And start installing.


Win2Flash is a tool that can create bootable XP pendrive. It is a free utility available at It is very small in size. Earlier versions of it  were used to create bootable pendrive only for Windows XP. But recent versions support Windows Vista and Windows 7. It makes installation process smooth.  Try it and have fun.


CD Recovery Toolbox

CDs become hard to use after repeated use as its readable surface gets scratched and due to which the reading head can’t able to read it properly. Due to this you may lose any important data. CD Recovery Toolbox is the application by which you can recover contents from your non-readable CD. It is available at . This  software can also be used to recover data from DVDs and BlueRay  disks.  It is a free softaware.

In you can get other solutions to recovering such as Password Recovery, Word Recovery, PDF Recovery etc.


Recover the deleted data

By mistake many times we delete  data in hard disk and we end up with loosing important data. And if you think there is no way to recover it then you are wrong. “NTFS Undelete” is one such utility that helps us recover deleted data from the data. But the data files we want to recover or undelete must be located in disk partition other than system disk i.e. System Disk. You can get this utility from The software is free of cost. It is used only for Windows operating system. It is available in ISO image also. You can download it and burn it a CD and use this CD.


Free and Powerful Anti-Virus

Clamwin Free Anti-virus is a free software available under under GPL licence is a very strong tool to protect your PC from Virus. Is is available to download at It provides good basic protection for PCs. Its only limitation is that it can’t be updated manually. So to use this you must have internet connection. You can’t download update file and update it manually. It is also used in high end servers. Its another version available for Unix and Linux operating systems also.

Dr. Web Anti-Virus

Sometimes viruses attack the bootable location of the hard disk. In that case normal anti-virus softwares becomes ineffective. Here comes Dr. Web Anti-Virus which does the job for us. It is available at It comes as ISO image i.e LiveCD. So to use it we have to write it to CD. Then while removing virus we have to boot from this CD. Further details are given in the above mentioned website.



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